Batch off cooler

Batch Off Cooler can be equipped with Tablet , Kneader and Extruder. The plasticated stock, masterbatch and final stock from the internal mixer which are calender into sheet via the rubber roll-head extruder or rubber sheeting mill. The sheet is dipped, cooled, and dried, then continuously swing and piled up in the batch-off cooler. Its industrial features are mainly used in these areas: tire, conveyor belt, fireproof material, rubber floor and the like.
1.Take-off device is of the ring type conveyor belt with guide strip and without any union or joint, and can be equipped with printer. Take-off conveyor belt as well as lifting and dip in wire mesh belt are all share the same frequency conversion AC speed-regulating motor, whose conveying speed can be adjustable.
2. Lifting bar is driven by one set cyclonic pin wheel speed reducer through AC, and the speed is synchronous as fast as the lifting device.
3. The sheet is uniformly coated with the lubricator by dipping without polluting the atmosphere. Its cooling effect is better than the spraying.
4. The hanging up area is fully closed., which adopts the blower to blow the sheet at a slant. So it improves the air flowing direction and cooling effect.

Thickness of the Rubber Sheet               mm        10
Distance between the Hanging Bars Effective  mm                   150
Max. Pendant Length of Hanging Sheet       mm            1500
Take-off Linear Speed                    m/min            0~26
Swing Linear Speed                      m/min            0~40
Hanging/Hinge Linear Speed               m/min            0~1.55
Number of Cooling Fans                  set            8
Power of Cooling Fans                   kW/set            0.75
Final Temperature of the Sheet                         40
Pressure of the Compressed Air            MPa            0.4~0.6
Dimensions                             mm       9500*1880*3100
Weight                  Kg            ~11500